Reviews from some happy clients

Hi, my name is Finley, and this is my “sister,” Ruby.  (We have different doggie parents, but we were born one day apart so we don’t know the difference!)  We don’t remember when we started coming to Ruff Housing, but our 2-legged Mommy and Daddy say it’s been since we were old enough (4 months)!  So, we have basically grown up here, because we are now 2-1/2 years old.  We especially started coming here more when we chewed more than Mommy and Daddy expected in the house.  (I think it was right around the time we got a new couch.)

When Mommy asks us if we want to “go to vacation,” we get very happy, and Ruby jumps on Mommy’s face.  Sometimes “vacation” is for one day while Mommy and Daddy are working (don’t know what that means) or eating dinner at a restaurant (don’t know what that means either), and they can’t come home to let us pee pee.  Mommy says it is only a little more money to let us stay late.  (I don’t know what money is anyway.)  Sometimes we get to stay for a few days.  That’s when we get to eat our own food there, and we even sleep at a slumber party where there are other doggies and one of our 2-legged friends!

We love that when we come in the door at Ruff Housing, everybody makes a BIG deal and welcomes us by name!  We get to do WHATEVER we want.  I like to sniff around a lot and make sure the perimeter of the yard is secure.  Ruby likes to watch and then sometimes takes a nap all sprawled out on her back.  We get our exercise in by chasing each other around and also getting to know the other doggies.  Being around the other dogs is normal to us.  Sometimes when we are in other places, and we meet another dog that acts funny around us, our Mommy says that maybe it’s because that doggie didn’t get to play a lot with others like WE do!

One time when Ruby had a bum knee and had to have surgery, there was a long time when she couldn’t play with the other dogs.  For a while then when we would come to Ruff Housing, she would stay in a special room by herself where our 2-legged friends would look out for her and make sure she was safe and feeling ok.  They would visit her and pet her too, and she really liked the special attention.  I didn’t worry about her after a while, because I knew she was being taken care of.

So I guess I’m saying that if your people are not bringing you to Ruff Housing, you need to ask them WHY.  If they hesitate in the slightest, just ask them if they would like to never go on vacation and never have any friends.  Then make the same face you give when you are hoping to get a piece of their steak.  If that does not work, speak a “ruff” and a “howl,” and maybe they will put the two together and understand you are trying to say RUFF HOUSING!


KB, Winston-Salem

Dear Ruff Housing Staff

On behalf of The Haley Graves Foundation I would like to Thank you for the excellent care you provided Josie-Rae while she was boarding  the week of  May 10-19TH.   Also being so accommodating to us when we had an emergency with another dog and allowing her to stay extra time.

When we received Josie under our care she was a shy, timid little girl.  We took a little girl to Ruff Housing who didn’t care to walk on a leash and was so sure she was returning to another shelter where her fate was unknown.  (Josie was pulled at the 11th hour from Rowan Co. a gassing shelter).

When I returned after nine days to pick Josie-Rae up from Ruff-Housing a little dog greeted me with a wagging tail and her head held high.  She had shiny clean coat and was walking proudly on her harness.  She was rested, happy and had an air of confidence that loved dogs have.  There was no dropping of her head, no shying away from being petted.  One of your staff members proudly said, “she lets me rock me her to sleep at night”.    I will say, we are seasoned in rescue, we have seen a lot. I will admit, I did cry on the way home when I saw the change your staff  brought about in Josie-Rae in 9 days. Myself and my entire Board is eternally grateful.  Josie-Rae is still looking for the perfect home, but then again we believe perfect is the word we are looking for.

Thank you to your amazing staff for being such an important and vital stepping stone in Josie-Rae’s transformation.  We will forever be grateful.

TG, Greensboro

If I had to describe Ruff Housing in one word it would be awesome!  My friends and family told me I had overcommitted when I rescued Lucroy as a 10-week-old puppy in July. And, at first, I thought they were right. But then I found Ruff Housing on Country Club Road. My original intent was just to have Lucroy boarded while I was away in September for my sister’s wedding, but after viewing the facility during his evaluation, I fell in love. Ruff Housing is clean and modern, not to mention the staff members are wonderful. I loved that he could be trained, groomed, boarded and could attend daycare all at the same place. I decided to sign up for the training classes offered there and to begin taking him to daycare a day or two each week.

At first, I was one of those nervous fur-parents that checked the webcam throughout the day when I dropped him off for daycare. After about 2 weeks I stopped watching. I knew how well taken care of he was during his time there by the way he reacted when I pulled in the driveway — excited and could not get out of the car fast enough.

The reasons Lucroy loves Ruff Housing are easy — play, play, play! The reasons I love Ruff Housing are because it’s right around the corner from our home, it’s very affordable, when I walk in the front door, anyone at the front desk knows who I’m there to pick up, and perhaps most of all — I leave with a happy, healthy and extremely tired puppy. I recommend Ruff Housing to neighbors, friends, co-workers and family, especially if you have a young puppy. A few days a week at Ruff Housing changed Lucroy from a typical mischievous puppy to a well-socialized and behaved young man.


JF, Winston-Salem

Eddie looks forward to spending Saturday at Ruff Housing every week to play with his friends. We always tell him the day before that he’s going to doggie daycare. He wakes up ready to go and play the next day (he whimpers in the car wanting me to drive faster to get there). He also enjoys staying there for extended visits when we go out of town. It’s nice to have a place like Ruff Housing to take our pet and know we don’t have to worry about him enjoying it. The staff at Ruff Housing is top notch. They are always aware of Eddie if I call and they also tell us about his day if we ask. Letting him go to Ruff Housing on Saturdays gives us the opportunity to do errands or gives him the chance to socialize. He loves it.

MS, Winston-Salem

My name is George. I’m a one-and-a-half-year-old Border Collie. My humans have been taking me to Ruff Housing for almost six months now and they love it almost as much as I do. They just mention the words “Ruff Housing” and I’m standing at the door ready to go. I’ve made some great friends and my humans can watch me (via webcam) play on the slide and frolic with my new friends. If I get tired (which is rare, hey, I’m a Border Collie!) or hungry, the friendly handlers put me in my cage where I can relax with a snack, but I’m soon back playing with my friends. After a day of Ruff Housing I’m one pooped pooch! No digging in the flower bed for this tired dog. Sometimes they even give me a bath and clip my nails. I’m one lucky dog for sure!

JJ, Pilot Mountain

Our trainer, Kim Simmons, was a wonderful teacher for the dogs (and adults), as her tips and tricks to get the dogs to listen and focus were very effective. We have a very large puppy (8-month-old Pyrenees/lab mix) and Kim’s technique was tailored to dogs both big and small. Our puppy, Zoe, came out of the class socialized with some new friends and is a better listener and is easier to control due to training. Zoe has also boarded at Ruff Housing for a week, and she had a great time visiting with other dogs and adjusted well to being away from home. Very impressive facility and staff, and we will definitely be using their services again.

TB, Winston-Salem

I’m Tucker! I first came to Ruff Housing at 4 months old. My Mom and Dad found me abandoned in a parking lot, so I let them take me home because it was very cold. I came with a lot of issues, but my friends at Ruff Housing are really helping me work them out! I’m a very social boy now and love my playful pack at daycare. I’m still very wary of strangers, but at Ruff Housing there are no strangers to me. Everyone has taken time to be patient with me and work slowly so that I can fit in. I get super-excited to go to daycare now and Mom and Dad feel better knowing I’m safe and happy all day long. Thanks! We love Ruff Housing.

JC and AC, Mocksville

My name is Newton, and I’m a regular at Ruff Housing on Country Club Road. On the days of the week that my home pack members have busy schedules, instead of leaving me stuck at home alone, they bring me to Ruff Housing so I can play, exercise and socialize with my canine (and human) friends. They call Ruff Housing my “second home,” and I totally agree! The folks at Ruff Housing show me lots of love, teach me how to socialize well with other dogs, take care of me when my home pack goes away on vacation, and keep me as handsome as I can be with their great grooming services. I love my Ruff Housing pack members, and I am often as happy to see them when I arrive in the morning as I am to see my dad when he picks me up in the afternoon! Once or twice, I have gone to Ruff Housing after eating something outside that I shouldn’t have. When I got sick there, they took special care of me — giving me my own space to rest, notifying my human pack, watching me very closely, and keeping track of everything I did so that if I needed to go to the vet, the vet would know exactly what was happening with me. I feel very safe there, and my home pack feels comfortable leaving me at Ruff Housing when they need to.

If you have a canine family member that you love, you can be sure they love you just as much. When you can’t be with them, please don’t leave them at home alone where it gets boring, lonely, and — for some dogs — scary enough to make them tear the house up looking for you! Bring them over to Ruff Housing to play with us! My human friends will teach them how to play nice, will always take the best care of them, and — with the rest of us — will make sure they play hard so that they return home with you tired, relaxed, and happy!


J and L, Advance