We tailor our prices to your needs, just as we cater our dog boarding & daycare services to your dog’s needs.  We separate our charges for day and night – this way you only pay for the time your dog is with us at Ruff Housing. This allows you to avoid a full 24-hour charge if your dog is here past a certain time.  If you drop your dog off after 4pm or pick them up before 10am, you are not charged for that day.

Daytime Options

Group Play

Full Day Group Play  (Drop off anytime after 7am, pick up by 6pm)                                $28

Half Day Group Play (AM session is 7am-12:30pm, PM session is 12:30pm-6pm)          $18

Half Day Anytime (Drop off for any 5 hours between the hours of 7am-6pm)               $22


Specialized Group Play

Full Day Specialized Group Play  (Drop off anytime after 7am, pick up by 6pm)                                 $28

Half Day Specialized Group Play (AM session is 7am-12:30pm, PM session is 12:30pm-6pm)          $18


Enrichment Program

Bronze Package: Includes 1 Regular Activity                                                                     $18

Silver Package: Includes 1 Regular Activity & 1 Premium Activity                                 $26

Gold Package: Includes 2 Regular Activities & 1 Premium Activity                                $32

Platinum Package: Includes 2 Regular Activities & 2 Premium Activities                      $38


Daytime Add-Ons

Add 1 Regular Activity                                                                                                $8

Add 1 Premium Activity                                                                                             $15

Regular activities include freestyle play, small group play (with 2-5 dogs), 1 hour of play in the group playroom or a cuddle session*.

Premium Activities include: Treadmill Time, FitPaws Session, Noseworks, Trick Training, Basic Agility or Basic Commands*. 

*Most activities last an average of 15-20 minutes


Daytime Packages* (can only be used for Group Play options)

5-Day Package:   $130 ($26 per day)

10-Day Package: $250 ($25 per day)

20-Day Package: $480 ($24 per day)

30-Day Package: $690 ($23 per day)

10 Half-Days:      $170 ($17 per day)

*Packages expire six months from date of purchase. Packages can be shared among dogs in the same family.

Overnight Options*

Bedroom Suite Lodging:         $21 per night
Slumber Party Lodging:          $27 per night
Penthouse Suite Lodging:       $30 per night (includes complimentary Tuck-In Service)

*15% discount on overnight options for additional dogs from the same family.


Overnight Add-On’s

Report Card: A detailed report of your dog’s stay                $2

Tuck-In Servce: Includes a 5 minute belly rub and treat      $5


IF YOU ARE BOARDING OVERNIGHT, ADD YOUR DAYTIME PRICE PLUS YOUR OVERNIGHT PRICE FOR A 24-HOUR TOTAL.  For example, if you drop off on Friday morning and pick up on Sunday afternoon and your dog does group play for a full day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and sleeps in a bedroom for Friday and Saturday night, your charge will be ($28 x 3) + ($21 x 2) = $126. Please ask if you have any questions about our pricing.


All new clients will be asked to set up an Evaluation Day for their dog before their first stay.  This gives us the opportunity to get to know your dog and their personality and they get to know our staff and the facility.  This often helps them feel a bit more comfortable before staying and playing. We offer evaluations every day of the week at 9am, 9:30am, 11am, 11:30am, 1pm & 1:30pm.  At the beginning of the evaluation, you will have a consultation with the Evaluator. +You will then leave your pup for at least 3 hours and the Evaluator will try out a few different activities with them, such as meeting a group of dogs (if appropriate), FitPaws exercises, Basic Commands, Agility and more! This will help us determine the best way for your pup to spend their time when staying with us. The evaluation fee is $25.

Extended Hours

For your convenience, we offer extended hours for early and late drop-offs and pick-ups. Please alert us in advance if you plan to use our extended hours.

Early Drop-Off/Pick-Up between the hours of 5am-7am: $4 per hour

Late Drop-Off/Pick-Up between the hours of 6pm-9pm: $4 per hour


Holidays & Peak Periods

For our clients’ convenience, we are open for daycare as well as drop off and pick up for regular hours 365 a year.  An extra $12 holiday charge applies on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We recommend making reservations for holidays at least 3 weeks in advance.

In order to help maximize our availability to our clients, we now require  a $50 deposit per family, for all reservations that fall within a peak period.

The peak periods for 2017 are:

  • April 7 – April 16
  • May 26 – September 4 (Deposit for weekends only.)
  • November 22 – November 26
  • December 15 – January 1, 2018

The peak periods for 2018 are:

  • May 29 – April 6
  • May 25 – September 3 (Deposit for weekends only)
  • November 22 – November 26
  • December 20 – January 1, 2019

Deposits are due at the time the reservation is made and will be applied to the cost of the boarding stay.  If you cancel or change your reservation at least seven days before your scheduled arrival date, your deposit will be refunded or left as a credit on your account.  Deposits will be forfeited if cancellations or changes are made less than seven days prior to the scheduled arrival date.  (Changes extending reservations will not incur a loss of deposit, but will be subject to availability.)