Dog Daycare

Dogs playing outside in the yard and pools

Our Dog Daycare Program

Our enrichment based dog daycare program is customized to fit what works best for your dog and maximize their time doing what they enjoy. Most of our dogs enjoy playing in small groups and we assign about 10 dogs that are similar in size and play style to each counselor for the day. With our smaller group size, our counselors will be able to interact individually with every dog.

Their day will be a mix of quality playtime and exercise, rest and recovery, and enrichment activities so they are being engaged both mentally and physically. For our group play, our morning play sessions run from 9 am to 12 pm and the afternoon play sessions run from 1 pm to 4 pm. To provide the best experience for each dog, dogs will be rotated in and out of the group throughout the play session. The amount of time each dog plays depends on each individual dog and it is also based on the energy level and play styles of the other dogs. The dogs in group play will typically play at least 1 to 2 hours in each play session, giving them lots of time for exercise and socialization.

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Dog Daycare Options at Ruff Housing

Full Day
Drop off / pick up 7AM to 7PM. Group play program or two individual 20 minute playtimes with our specialist.

Half Day
Group play program for morning session or afternoon session or one individual 20 minute playtime with our specialist. Daycare dogs must be dropped off or picked up by 12:30PM to be considered half day.

We use treats throughout the day to engage your dog's mind and encourage positive behavior in the facility and in the playgroups. If your dog has allergies please let us know and feel free to bring their own treats!

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Golden retriever running through the grass

Dog Daycare Orientation Day

On your dog’s Orientation Day, we’ll get to see what kind of playstyle and energy level your dog has around people and other dogs. Our specialist will introduce your dog to different environments, smells, and activities. Our fee covers the entire day like a full day of daycare, so you can drop off or pick up anytime within our hours of operation.

We recommend that you drop off after 9:30AM when our lobby is less busy to give your pup plenty of time to adjust. Once you arrive with your pup, we’ll ask that you wait just about 5 - 10 minutes so that we can ensure your dog is comfortable with our team members and moving around our facility. We’ll give your dog some time to get adjusted in one of our standard bedrooms with a cot and water. After some time, our specialist will spend time in our various playrooms and yards seeing what activities your dog will have the most fun doing. One of our team members will give you a call in the afternoon to let you know how your pup’s day is going.