Witt Street

Vacation For Your Dog on Witt Street in Winston-Salem

MONDAY thru SUNDAY: 7am-6pm
336 Witt Street, Winston-Salem, NC
Phone: 336.765.RUFF (7833) Fax:336.765.8132

Here, your dog will spend his days socializing, romping and playing with friends and his nights resting comfortably. All while being cared for by our trained staff in a state of the art facility. Best of all, you’ll know he’s active, happy and safe while you’re away. We specialize in Dog Daycare, Dog Boarding, Dog Grooming and other Canine Care services, like our Enrichment Program.

Our Clemmons grooming staff can now be found at our newly upgraded Witt Street location!

Ruff Housing is proud to provide the service of cat boarding and daycare with the Catty Corner! Below you will find an info sheet with everything you need to know about our space and services before bringing in your furry friend. Please note, the Catty Corner is located only at our Witt Street location.