Dog Boarding Daycare & Grooming in Greensboro NC

Dog Boarding, Daycare, Grooming in Greensboro NC!

MONDAY thru SUNDAY: 7am-7pm
15 Battleground Court, Greensboro, NC
Phone: 336.763.3064 Fax:336.763.3067

Vacation For Your Dog!

Here, your dog will spend his days socializing, romping and playing with friends and his nights resting comfortably. All while being cared for by our trained staff in a state of the art facility. Best of all, you’ll know he’s active, happy and safe while you’re away. We specialize in Dog Daycare, Dog Boarding, Dog Grooming and other Canine Care services, like our Enrichment Program.

Dog Grooming in Greensboro NC

We have experienced dog groomers on staff that can help maintain the beauty and health of your dog! Our groomers will work with you to determine a styling plan for your dog based on their physical needs. We provide baths, brush, nail dremel, ear cleaning, and sanitary trims. We also offer spa packages. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your dogs specific needs!