Our Doggie Daycare is Dog Boarding, but not Dog Boredom!

We strive to ensure that your dog has a positive and rewarding day at Ruff Housing. Our staff understands that behavior is uid and we listen to what your dog is communicating to us. While your dog is with us, they will participate in one of our three different daytime options: Group Play, Specialized Group Play, and Enrichment.

Our options ensure that the dogs in our care have positive social interactions that work both their body and mind during their time with us. New clients complete an orientation day to allow our staff to see which options your dog enjoys most. We will continue to monitor your dog’s comfort level so their daytime options may change based on how they are feeling.

Group Play

Group Play is about 5-10 hours of play in a group of about 15-30 dogs. The dogs in our Group Play will play in both our outdoor play yards as well as in our spacious indoor play areas. They are closely supervised by trained staff members and we keep a ratio of at least one person for every 10 dogs in the play group. Dogs participating in Group Play also receive breaks during the day as needed to provide them the opportunity to recover and recharge before returning to the play group as this high level of activity can be overwhelming.


Ruff Housing is proud to be one of the few dog care centers in the country that offers this variety in options for your dog. Our staff receives extensive training on dog behavior and group management so that they help to make sure that your dog has a great time while with us. Keep in mind, that your dog’s options may change as your dog grows, learns and changes. No one option is better than the other it’s simply a matter of which option is best for your dog.

Specialized Group Play

Specialized Group Play focuses on creating positive social interactions between your dog and other dogs in a smaller group. Our group size depends on the dogs and what works best for them, but it is usually around 3 – 10 dogs.  They are closely monitored and they are given rest breaks as they need them. The duration your dog socializes, supervised by our trained specialists, is tailored to your dog’s behavioral needs. This helps prevent unwanted behavior and create positive associations. The rotating playgroup provides individualized attention for your dog’s behavioral needs.

As your dog becomes more comfortable, gains confidence, and learns appropriate social behavior, their duration in the play group may increase. Specialized Group Play focuses on reinforcing appropriate behavior and preventing unwanted behavior, meaning that if your dog needs more frequent breaks, that is okay. Our specialists will work to increase their duration in group play while also ensuring your dog is learning good dog social behavior. We offer a half-day or full-day option.  (But, unlike the regular group play, we do not offer a “half-day anytime” option since we have am then pm play sessions.)

Benefits of Specialized Group Play

  • Provides a group of 5-10 or fewer dogs with breaks throughout the day.
  • Allows dogs to learn from each other in a more controlled environment.
  • Helps your dog to build confidence through controlled positive social interactions.
  • Provides breaks tailored to each dog’s needs.
  • Teaches younger, active dogs appropriate social behavior.
  • Allows older dogs or dogs with physical challenges to interact in a smaller group with breaks.


The Enrichment Program is for all dogs, because all dogs love to learn!

Our Enrichment Program is a training level and activity based program that increases in difficulty the more your dog learns. Level one starts with basic commands, games, and agility activities. As your dog learns the skills, they advance levels and are consistently challenged.  Enrichment activities engage your dog both mentally and physically. They also work your dog’s brain through fun and engaging games and play. Our Enrichment Specialists are specially trained in positive force-free training methods. Your dog will get 15- 20 min one-on-one experiences tailored specifically to their needs and participate in these fun activities: High Energy Play, FitPaws, Socialization, Agility, Tricks, Nose Works, Basic Manners Training (sit, stay, down, spin, high five, etc.)

Benefits of Enrichment Program

  • Provides a mentally and physically engaging environment
  • Great for dogs who prefer one-on-one attention with humans and playing with one or two dogs.
  • Allows your dog to participate in their favorite activities and try new things.
  • Gives them the opportunity to learn new tricks and skills and improve their training at home.

As our dog daycare offers free play, we instill additional safety measures to ensure you are comfortable leaving your dog in our environment. We require all dogs who board with us to:

Have up to date rabies, distemper/parvo and bordetella vaccinations

Be spayed or neutered if over 6 months old in order to join group play

Participate in an evaluation by appointment before attending daycare or spending the night

We love dogs, and we know you love yours.
Book your doggie’s stay with us and we assure you, we will take great care of them.

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