Enrichment Program

All About Your Dog

Our Enrichment Program allows your dog to participate in individual activities and smaller play groups depending on what is most suitable for your dog's personality. It puts play time on their terms and gives them fun activities we know they enjoy. If they need more physical play or a more restful experience, that's exactly what they'll get - because every dog could use a little indulging. 

Due to the individualized nature of this program, space is limited, so reservations are recommended. 

Please contact any location to find out more information. 


Mind + Muscle + Balance

Your dog's body is much like your own. They have specific needs that have to be catered to. The Enrichment Program is an all-day program, so it can be an alternative to group play, combined with group play throughout the week or part of a boarding stay. It gives their mind and body the specialized attention they need. It's an enriching experience with long-term benefits. 



Did you know that there are puzzles that are just for dogs? Would you like for your dog to learn some new tricks? Or maybe just a few basic commands? How about your pup taking the treadmill for a spin? This program offers a wide variety of exciting activities that will engage your dog on their level. We want to stimulate their mind and body and spirit so that they leave feeling rejuvenated. 

A typical day in the Enrichment Program can include:

  • Small group or individual play
  • FitPaws Training
  • Practice of basic commands
  • Learning new tricks
  • Treadmill exercise
  • Nose work
  • Relaxing alone time with calming music and food puzzles
  • Lots of love and personal attention

Pick the perfect package for your dog:

Bronze Package: Includes 1 regular activity and a special treat.

Silver Package: Includes 1 regular activity, 1 premium activity, emailed report card and a special treat.

Gold Package: Includes 2 regular activities, 1 premium activity, emailed report card and a special treat. 

Platinum Package: Includes 2 regular activities, 2 premium activities, emailed report card and a special treat. 

You know why we love dogs so much? Because they are unique

They're individuals, just like you and me, with their own personalities and characteristics that endear us to them. So we understand that our standard group play is not ideal for every dog. That's why we created our Enrichment Program. It's personalized care for the individual in every dog.