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Clemmons Dog Grooming in a Spa Environment

"Ruff, ruff!!"  That's doggie short hand for "look how great I look and feel after being groomed at Ruff Housing!" Dog Grooming is an important part of your dog's health; it also helps them to look their very best! That is why Ruff Housing offers full service dog grooming as well as a la carte services such as baths and nail trims. Our groomers provide a unique experience for your dog, as well as excellent, professional grooming. 

We want grooming to be a positive experience for each of our customers. So we believe in providing a grooming environment that is free from the stress you might find in other dog grooming services.

Our groomers are well trained and ready to listen to you and cater to your dog's needs to guarantee the ideal grooming experience.

We offer baths and nail trims on any day of the week, and full grooms are available every day except Sunday.

Please call us at 336-766-0123 to schedule an appointment at our Clemmons location.

The Spa at Ruff Housing in Clemmons is proud to offer an individualized grooming experience for your dog. Our professional groomers utilize aromatherapy to help create a relaxing and calming atmosphere.  All of the products we use are all-natural, organic and of the highest quality, to add to the tranquil grooming experience.

Regular professional grooming is important to the physical and emotional well-being of your dog. We strive to make the grooming experience a positive one, and believe in treating each dog as an individual.

Our trained and talented grooming staff utilize their experience and expertise to make sure that every dog leaves looking and feeling great! Our groomers will meet with you to discuss your dog’s needs and develop a styling plan. They can also give you tips and guidance for at-home grooming in between your dog’s regularly scheduled professional grooming. 



Bath & Brush

Prices start at $20, depending on breed, size and coat length. Includes a complimentary ear cleaning and nail trimming.

Spa Bath*

 Bath, dry, brush, nail dremel, ear cleaning, trim face and feet, sanitary trim

Full Groom*

Includes all Spa Bath services plus a complete styling.

These spa services are priced individually based on breed, coat, size of the dog and style of cut. Please ask for an estimate during your grooming consultation. 



Teeth Brushing   $5

Ears Cleaned   $5

Nail trim   $8

Nail dremel   $10

Brush-out only (no bath)   $10-$30

Special handling fees   $5-$15

Sanitary Clip**   $5

De-shed**   $10 per 30 minutes

De-matting**   $10 per 30 minutes

De-matting is the delicate process of brushing out each mat and tangle. While this may be possible in some cases, often the end result can leave the dog’s hair broken and damaged and can lead to further skin issues. Consultation with a groomer is required before de-matting can be attempted.

 ** These services can only be completed when added to a bath. 



Add any Spa Package or Service to a Basic Grooming Service

Spa Day in a Suite

Your dog can spend the day in one of our penthouse suites while they are pampered by our grooming staff,  $10 (includes potty break and a playtime, combined with a full groom only)

Spa Pedicure

Nail dremel with a paw massage using soothing paw balm  $15 (add polish for an additional $5)

Happy Birthday Package 

Birthday bandana, treat and photo posted to Facebook  $10

Puppy Grooming 

This is a great way to introduce your puppy to grooming. Includes lavender bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, light trim and brush out. Priced by size   $25-$35.

Rescue Me

Let us spruce up your recently rescued buddy,  25 percent discount on rescued dog’s first grooming

Exit Bath

Bath, dry and brush out after boarding stay,  15 percent discount



Aromatherapy Body Wrap  $5

Paw Polish  $5

Facial  $5

Full Body Salt Scrub  $10

Coconut Oil Treatment  $10

Dead Sea Mineral Soak  $10

Natural Oatmeal Soak  $10

Cleansing Ear Massage  $7

Full Body Exfoliation, 15 minutes  $10

Please call The Spa at Ruff Housing at one of our four convenient locations in Winston-Salem, Greensboro or Clemmons to schedule an appointment.