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5648 Country Club Road, Winston-Salem, NC
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Grooming School

After completing our 8-week course, you will be fully prepared to begin your new career as a groomer.  

This class will cover: 

Breed Recognition
Canine Anatomy
Knowledge of Grooming
Proper dog handling / safety techniques
Proper bathing / drying techniques
Proper cuts for each breed
Knowledge of shampoos / grooming products and what works best for different hair types
Recognition of possible skin, ear, hair issues
Some holisitic recipes for shampoos, scrubs, sprays
Proper client interaction

Because much of our curriculm is web-based, you will be able to spend your class time on hands-on learning. We keep our class sizes very small so that you can receive lots of one-on-one training. You will be learning from a variety of experienced groomers. This is an 8-week course with the potential to move into a paid internship after successfully completing a skills test.  

The cost for the entire course is $3,900. This covers the cost of tuition for the entire course plus the following supplies: grooming smock, set of clippers, thinning shears, curved shears, straight shears, nail clippers, seven blades, clip comb set, dremel, comb and brushes, flea comb, hemostats, three grooming textbooks, notebook containing: syllabus, laminated grooming instructions for common breeds, laminated blade chart and other important reading material. Your supplies are included in your tuition. We will purchase your supplies for you and provide them to you on your first day of class.

If you would like more information or if you are interested in applying for the grooming academy, call us at 336-602-1538 or send an email to [email protected]