Why you and your dog will love daycare.


Social by nature, here your dog spends his days interacting with his peers and people alike, making your pup a happy pooch!


Group play and an active social life make for a confident and emotionally healthy dog.


Indoor and outdoor play areas mean lots of romping around, fulfilling your dog's need to be physical and his instinct to be part of a pack.

Mental Stimulation:

Sitting home alone can create bored, destructive dogs. After a day of mental and emotional stimulation at Ruff Housing, your dog is tired, happy and ready to wind down with you at night.

Peace of Mind:

Work, run errands or vacation without worrying how (or what) your dog's doing at home, knowing he’s safe, active and happy.

Because we offer a free-play environment, all dogs must:

  • Have up to date rabies, distemper/parvo and bordetella vaccinations
  • Be spayed or neutered if over 6 months old
  • Participate in an evaluation by appointment before attending daycare or spending the night

Daytime Options:  

Group Play

The dogs attending Group Play are divided by size and/or play style and our group size is typically around 15 - 30 dogs.  We have plenty of staff members supervising the dogs in group play and our staff completes through training far above industry standards, including managing dogs in group environments, reading dog body language and pet first aid. In Group Play, your dog will have the opportunity to socialize and play with their friends both indoors as well as in our large outdoor play yards. If your dog is lodging with us, select either a full-day or half-day of group play.   If your dog is with us just for the day your charges will be based on your drop-off and pick-up times.  See our pricing page for more details. 

Individual Care

Not every dog enjoys playing in a group of other dogs.  If your dog does not enjoy Group Play or is unable to attend Group Play for health realated or other reasons, no problem!  We also offer Individual Care where your dog receives at least four walks outside throughout the day plus a 20-minute individual playtime with one of our staff members.  We may also be able to offer your dog the option to play with a small group of friends instead of the individual playtime if you would like and if we determine it is appropriate for your dog and that we have appropriate friends available for him to play with.  Individual playtimes may consist of running and playing fetch or a more relaxing walk or cuddle time, depending on your dog's individual personality and health needs.  

Extra Playtimes

If you would like to add an extra 20-minute playtime to your dog's day, just let us know! 

Just call us at one of our convenient locations in Winston-Salem or Greensboro to schedule your dog to come for the day or to stay overnight.