Doggie Daycare

Our Doggie Daycare is Dog Boarding, but not Dog Boredom!

They may be covered in fur and walk on four legs, but dogs are actually a lot like us. They are social by nature, and enjoy interacting with other pooches just like you enjoy having a fun hangout with your friends. Ruff Housing is far from your average dog boarding. This is doggie daycare, where your pet spends their days interacting with peers and people, getting the attention they need and the play they desire so that they stay physically and emotionally healthy.

We provide doggie daycare that gives your pet the well-rounded experience they deserve by meeting their own personal needs for Socialization, Physical Exercise, and Mental Stimulation. 



Sitting around the house all day every day does nobody any good. Your dog will benefit greatly from an active social life, and our dog daycare is uniquely set up to provide them the right amount they need. Through directed play and free interaction, your dog’s confidence will grow and their emotional health will improve. Plus, they may even make a life-long friend or two.    



If you’ve ever seen that look of pure joy on your dog’s face when they are able to run free and exhibit all their energy, then you know how much they love and need exercise. Any pet hotel can have a run for dogs to use, but they may not have the right amount of space, nor address the specific needs of your dog with purposeful play. Our dog daycare has ample space for romping around. We have both indoor and outdoor play areas that fulfill your dog’s need to be physical and their instinct to be part of the pack, and our staff works one on one with your dog to direct their activity to meet their needs.


Mental Stimulation

The mind of a dog is as complex and beautiful as a human’s. Stimulating your dog’s mind is just as important as engaging their body in physical activity. Bored dogs become unhappy dogs. That’s why we take great care to ensure our doggie daycare is geared towards engaging your dog’s mind and emotions throughout their entire stay. After a day with us, your pup will be tired, happy and ready to wind down with you at night.


Group Play

There are few things more joyous than a room full of playful pups interacting with each other! This is your dog’s opportunity to socialize and let out some energy as they play with their friends both indoors and outdoors in our large play environments. We design our Group Play based on size and/or play style of the dogs participating and group sizes are typically between 15-30 dogs.

Our staff members are thoroughly trained above industry standards and exhibit professional skills in group management, reading and reacting to dog body language and pet first aid. They are always carefully supervising our group interactions. If your dog is lodging with us, select either a full-day or half-day of group play. If your dog is with us just for the day, your charges will be based on your drop-off and pick-up times. See our pricing page for more details.



We love the individuality of dogs. Doggie personalities are as varied as our own, therefore not every dog enjoys playing with a group of other dogs. Some dogs also may not be able to attend Group Play due to health or other reasons. Our dog daycare is built to accommodate any dog at any level. Our Enrichment Program ensures that your dog receives at least four walks outside throughout the day, plus a variety of fun activities to stimulate their mind and body. 

We want to ensure that your dog is as cared for as they need to be depending on their individual personality and health needs. Our Enrichment Program is flexible and may consist of running and playing fetch or a more relaxing walk or cuddle time.


Peace of Mind for You

We believe that dog care should be exactly that - care for your dog. We invite you to go to work, run errands or vacation without the concern that your dog is simply passing time in a pet kennel. Know that your dog is safe, active and happy in the environment that you keep them in while you are gone. As dog owners and lovers ourselves, we know the value that peace of mind.

As our dog daycare offers free play, we instill additional safety measures to ensure you are comfortable leaving your dog in our environment. We require all dogs who board with us to:

  • Have up to date rabies, distemper/parvo and bordetella vaccinations
  • Be spayed or neutered if over 6 months old
  • Participate in an evaluation by appointment before attending daycare or spending the night

We love dogs, and we know you love yours. Book your doggie’s stay with us and we assure you, we will take great care of them.